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This wiki was specifically created for the iPhone app "Survival Games - Mine Mini Game" for $0.99 by JoyDo Entertainment. They make many other games, like Cops and Robbers.


When a player first enters the game, he should see a page giving a warning for bad language use.  After tapping OK, he will find a screen with two tabs saying Local-Multiplayer(WIFI) and Worldwide-Multiplayer.  Tapping Local will bring the player into the Create-An-Arena Screen, where the player will find arrows to state the length of the round and limit of players in the round. Tapping Worldwide will bring you to a different screen, showing matches available and not. Check-boxes near the top of the screen help the player search for arena's number of players. Then, he can join or create an arena. Tapping Create will bring him to the Create-An-Arena Screen. For the Create-An-Arena screen, he customizes his arena by placing limits on the number of players and the length of the round.

Survival Games - Mine Mini Game

Survival Games - Mine Mini Game

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